Successful Businesses are Built on Efficient Technology

Oppty helps customers innovate by leveraging Salesforce as a Platform to transform their workforce and help them exponentially grow their business.


Our Belief

We believe that technology will replace many of the undesired jobs of today and the companies that stay ahead of this will be the ones who succeed. We believe that there are motivated employees within these companies that are open to change, willing to learn, and eager to grow. We believe that in partnering with these companies, we can help them be successful while growing their people and leading to a more productive, profitable, and enjoyable place to work.

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The Process

  • Determine how your Employees can function better in one centralized system through the following Business Analysis, Technology Assessment & Strategic Planning.

  • Build solutions specific to what your employees and customers need through the prioritizing what they need first and what will give you the biggest return.

  • Development through leveraging on-promise talented employees to build & maintain your companies software solutions.


Plan & Analyze - Understand your Vision and how Technology can help you get there


Prioritize & Design - Create a Roadmap to get you to your Vision quickly and efficiently


Build, Validate, & Train - Release & Train on a set of features prioritized within the Roadmap


Iterate & Enable - Continue re-prioritizing to make the system function better, while training and enabling your team to take over more and more of the ongoing work